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10 Best And Wildest Rollercoaster Rides In The World
The rollercoaster has been around since the late 1800’s and is undoubtedly one of the most popular theme park rides in the world today. Many people visit amusement parks just looking to experience the thrills of the rollercoaster rides as the coasters fling their riders at breakneck speeds through loops and tunnels and steep slopes. The characteristics that comprise a good rollercoaster ride differ from person to person but here is a list of some of the best rollercoaster rides in the world.

1. Fujiyama – Fujiyama is one of the world’s tallest rollercoaster rides. Standing 259 feet tall, this giant coaster held the record for the world’s tallest roller coaster ride up until 1999. Fujiyama is located at Fujikyu Highland Park in Japan.

2. Millennium Force – Millennium force was officially opened in the year 2000. Since it opened, it has been officially recognised as the world’s tallest roller coaster ride at 310 feet up until 3 months later when a new ride broke the record. This monster ride also showcases a death-defying 300-foot drop. This coaster is located in Cedar Point Park in the state of Ohio.

3. Oblivion – Oblivion is a massive steel rollercoaster ride that features sudden drops and huge dives. This coaster is located in Alton Towers, Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

4. Mantis – The Mantis is located in CedarPoint, ______continued.

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continued______ Sundusky Ohio. This 119 foot tall rollercoaster was opened back in the year 1996 and is said to have one of the best loops in the world.

5. Texas Giant – The Texas Giant is located in the famous Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. This coaster flings its riders at 65 miles per hour straight into the ground on a loop and have even had an underground trench constructed to add to the ride’s appeal.

6. Kumba – The Kumba can be found in Busch Garden’s, Tampa Bay, Florida. This steel coaster features a rolling coach, a number of exciting loops and seven inversions.

7. Superman – Superman is rollercoaster ride that can be found in Six Flags, New England in Massachusetts. This is a steel mega coaster (over 300 feet in height) and is based on the popular Superman franchise.

8. Steel Dragon – The Steel Dragon is another rollercoaster that once held the title of the World’s highest rollercoaster. It stands at a whopping 318 feet and features a massive 306 foot drop.

9. The Beast – The Beast is said to be one of the world’s longest wooden rollercoaster rides. It has 7400 feet of track and uses two lift hills to speed the coasters up during the drops.

10. Giant Dipper- The Giant Dipper is located in Santa Cruz Beach in California. This ride has been open since 1924 and has given joy to millions of riders over the decades.

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