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Rollercoaster Rush - Iphone App Review
By Melissa21
Rollercoaster Rush

REVIEW – “No rush for this rollercoaster…”

I was not at all sure what to expect when I downloaded this app. I mean, a rollercoaster on my phone? And it’s a game?! But I was curious and, all that said, Digital Chocolate has definitely done their best to come up with a unique concept in mobile gaming.

When you start up this application, you will see a quick splash image and then the first real screen you will see is the menu. From the menu you have “Career” mode, instructions on how to play, and several other options as well as 3 little icons along the bottom left.

The first thing I will say is that the icons in the bottom left are not really that clear, except for the settings icon which is fine. It is very easy to pick out that “Career Mode” is the main game though and so let’s jump right in! When you go into career mode the first thing you see is a map of the rollercoaster with a little text box over the top of it telling you to select the “bouncing marker to ride the coaster in that location.” What this box does not make clear though is that you have to click on the little green check box on the right to close that window and begin playing. This took a second to figure out and so it was mildly irritating, but I guess it does “kind of” look like it should be pressed.

Once you get past the text box and click on the “bouncing marker” you are taken to your first coaster to ride! You will see that it is in a side-scroller format and that you control your coaster either by touching the left side of the screen to brake, or the right side of the screen to accelerate. You can also change the games settings to use the accelerometer ______continued.

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continued______ instead, but I found touching the screen to be much easier.

As you play, you make your customers happy by going fast, going airborne, not using the brakes, and get various awards for different things that happen from going fast and still making it through the ride safely. At the end of the ride it gives you a rating of how good the ride was on a one to five scale, and also gives a score in “happiness points.”

All in all it is a pretty good concept for a game, but there are a few problems you will quickly begin to notice. (1) After playing this game for little while you will find that the music gets repetitive and very irritating! But you do have the option to turn it off in the settings menu, as well as the sound effects if you want. (2) You will also find out that there is really no way to tell what is coming next which can make a big difference. This game was obviously not designed originally for a mobile device because you just don’t have time to react, and so you basically end up having to memorize the courses through trial and error. (3) The game quickly gets repetitive.

In summary, this game was built and designed well and it does not have slowdown problems or crashing. Just on those few things alone you know that it is not a total waste of money like a few of the Apps you see floating around the App Store. I just don’t think I would recommend spending money on this particular app. The game concept itself good, but I just don’t think the iPhone is the right platform for this type of game. Unfortunately, this game is just much better as a Facebook/Myspace game than it ever will be as an iPhone App.

- David H.
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